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A spanking by Grandma | THE PADDLE

After hours of contemplating I finally thought to myself screw it...I can smoke its not like anyone will really notice if I'm smart about it. That night I packed bowls and got ripped as usual but this time a bit different; I was at my grandmas house at 8PM!

One side of me was worried, the other was telling me it was fine. It was not till 10 pm that my grandparents get home from dinner with a friend. I watched a funny movie and started to actually enjoy myself! Finally I can relax and have peace for a few hours and also make a killer meal! That's when I decided to make some food and a thought came across my mind. I could easily put weed into the brownies and no one will notice.

I worked at getting the proper materials necessary; my weed, brownie mix, and several other items. It was around 8:25 and I turned the oven on so it would be done at least an hour early. I knew that if grandma found out it would mean a punishment, and at this point im 18 and don't know what she would do. Ever since my parents moved out of state for my dads business its been a lot more chill here but I have had one threat of a spanking.

Before I knew it the oven alarm went off and I took the brownies out and a strong odor exceeded the oven as I opened it. I didn't pay to much attention to it because I knew opening the window would help. I ate one of the brownies as I threw the mix away and cleaned up my jar of weed and what the crumbles left.

I walked into the living room and looked at my phone and it was 9:46 time has FLOWN! I FORGOT to open the windows. I rapidly opened windows and doors and as I walked up to the garage door my grandparents were walking in shutting the garage door already. I froze extremely high off this chronic cali weed my friend gave me!

My grandpa disregarded it and walked right past and my grandma sensed something was up but was still on the confusion borderline. She asked my if I was alright and I responded yes was just looking for something in the garage. She slowly disregarded it as well and started walking past me without saying anything back. My heart was pounding and I knew that I screwed up or I might just be thinking that!

Before I know it my grandma asked my to come into her office with a face I had never scene before from her. Pure determination to punish me. I knew the look because my dad used to do the same exact expression. I slowly got up and she was standing at the end of the hall pointing to my room.

"Get your pajama bottoms on and underwear off you had weed on my counter and my oven is still on! What are you doing cooking something illegal under my house authority!" I immediantly walked by her as she continued to scold me in a rapidly timed manner. I decided the best way to deal with this is to just DEAL WITH IT. I am a tough 18 yr old male this is not going to be a problem. I haven't been spanked for a few years but my grandma is known to have spanked the cousins through their teens.

I walked out of my room and responded to her request to come into my grandparents office. She sat down in her large chair and told me to stand between her legs for a hand spanking before she will apply the paddle. I stood between her knees as she locked my legs in and held my waist, her other arm arched. She rained solid and precise spanks to my cotton pajama pants in which left a sting I did not expect from my grandma! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! "You smoke you get spanked!
Slap! Slap! Slap!

I started feeling an extreme pain now as her hard palm rained on my pajama bottoms with fierce speed and steady power. My grandpa walked by as I was standing in this akward spanking position and I immediantly blushed. He walked in and only said "are you or I paddling him?" She immediately said she had this spanking under control.

I started crying softly trying as hard as I could to avoid her strong palm but was literally locked between her legs and deserved this spanking. She lowered my pj's and asked my to grab the paddle on the desk. I obeyed and she grabbed it from my hands and grabbed my wrist to put me over her knee.

I felt so weak and controlled but I knew it was something I had to go through for myself and my grandparents. My bottom was extremely sore and I could feel bruises forming from her hard palm spanking. I grabbed tight to the bottom legs of the chair and felt my exposed bottom put over her knee and the brush resting on my backside as she scolded me.

The next thing I know the hairbrush makes extreme impact with my buttocks and I cried after only a few of the spanks directed at my lower bottom. It was extremely painful and squirming and begging was all I could attempt. She put her leg over mine and I remained stoned, scared, and spanked over a very experienced spankers knee. The 10 inch wooden paddle is a bruiser and she is effective with how to spank.

I cried for several minutes as the raining of the paddle continued. I felt it had been hours! It was the worst discipline I had ever received and that's why spanking is so effective if done correctly. She finished and immediately sent me to my room to cool off.

Story part 2 will continue. More spanking stories, videos, my website, click on my profile.
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