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My sister

My sister

I was about 19 and my sister was 15yrs old and was grounded for ditching.
My sister was grounded for a couple of weeks. I remember one of her friends came by and my mom told her friend she could not visit that my sis was grounded.

My sister was getting into allot of trouble. this time I was not the one getting the spankings or getting into trouble. I was still living at home till I left at 21. so I was still getting spankings because mom told me as long as I lived under her roof and If I broke the rules I still be getting spanked and I did get a few more before I left home.

This is what got my sister grounded.

I remember this one day mom got a call from my sister's school that wanted to know is she was ill because she had not come to school. my mom said no but she will be sick when she was done working on my sisters bottom. Mom told me to get in the car and help find my sister. We had no luck so we went back home. I was in the living room watching TV when my sister walked in and I remember telling her BOY ARE YOU IN FOR IT, MOM'S GOING TO SPANK YOU. my sister was 2 or 3 hours late my mom came out of her room with a ping pong paddle and told my sisters friend to go home. My mom ordered my sister to start talking

my sister told her she was school but mom told her they had called earlier today. she also told her we went looking for you. She told my mom they had spend a day at a friends I did not know. I remember mom come down across my sisters thigh with her hand and hearing mom say I will not be lied to. mom ordered her to remove her jeans and panties. my sister was protesting and my mom grabbed her by the arm and yanked her jeans along with her panties and I saw mom really give my sister a hand spanking first then mom went to the paddle to finish. then my sister was taken to wash her mouth out with soap and then she had corner time. after mom told her she was grounded for 2 weeks no friends no phones she had to go to school and home only.

My sister just could not keep from getting in trouble about 2 days later we was all in bed and about 2 or 3am there was a knock on the door I went to check who it was and saw through the peek hole it was a cop. I opened the door and there stood my sister with the police man and I remember he asked if my parents was home I told him it was just my mom and he asked for her. I had to wake my mom up she went to find out what was going on my sister took my moms car with out asking and damaged the passenger front end. My mom and I went to see the damage on the car. I remember mom telling the police man she will be doing damage on my sister back side.

the cops left and my mom was so pissed off that she told my sister she is to mad to spank her but my sis was in for a good blistering spanking in the morning, my sister had better get in bed now. it was a Saturday morning. we all went to bed. I was awaken by yelling by my mom I got up and mom was in the living room and ordered my sister to start talking. my sister tried but she was a blubbering mess and mom had not even spanked her yet..

Mom told my sister she is grounded till further notice and that any babysitting she dose she had to give what ever she earned baby sitting to my mom until she paid for the front end damage. My sister started to cry more and mom said you will have a good cry when I am done working on your bottom.

I remember mom went to get the ping pong paddle from her closet and she came out and told my sister to remove her pj bottom and panties. mom took my sister and sat on her chair in the living room and she placed my sister over her knees and started spanking with her hand then she finished the spanking with the paddle. I saw it all.
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