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My Wife's First

The first time I spanked her, she literally asked for it. We’d been fighting for days over little issues, and one evening at dinner she suddenly told me she thought she needed a good spanking. And so my fantasy came to life.

Right after dinner, we went into the living room, where she unabashedly guided my hand to the button of her jeans. In a few moments, I found myself with my fiance’s plump bottom bared over my knee as I sat on the couch. For a minute or two, I rubbed my hand over her cheeks, enjoying the feel of her wriggling on my lap and the sound of her soft moans as my hand brushed over her more sensitive areas. Finally, I delivered the first spank. My cock rose to full attention at her gasp and the pink handprint on her meaty bottom.

“From now on, this is how we deal with these episodes,” I announced, and proceeded to gift her quivering ass with a rapid series of spanks.

“Harder…” she moaned, wriggling her now dark pink bottom beneath my hand. I took my time, rubbing her gently, occasionally touching her clit. After another minute of that, I adjusted her on my lap to give myself better aim, raised my arm high, and proceeded to spank her naughty ass as hard as I could for about a minute. I alternated between volleys of stinging slaps and sessions of gentle rubs on her increasingly reddening skin.

“Why are you getting spanked?” I asked, idly rubbing my fingers in her wetness.

“Because I’ve been nagging and irrational,” she gasped.

“You’ve made the past few days a living hell. I love you, so from now on, your butt’s going to be over my lap every time you do this.”

With that, I decided to finish her spanking without another session of pleasure. Five minutes of hard slaps followed, with only the sounds of my hand connecting with her ass and her mixed sobs of pain and squeals of ecstasy reaching my ears.

“Good girl,” I whispered once it was over. “I love you so much, and I love spanking your naughty little ass.”

I reflected on that event now, as I lowered her sweats and helped her settle on her stomach on the bed. Seven months pregnant, holding her over my knee didn’t work as well, but I was determined to solve her attitude problem the same as before - directly between her bare ass and whatever I chose to spank her with. On this occasion, she’d asked for a mixed session, so I sit beside her on the bed and deliver the usual hand spanking intermingled with stimulation of her sex.

“The paddle now,” I say finally, and observe in satisfaction as she moans and humps the pillow. I lift the instrument - a small rubber paddle, perfect for delivering a firm message she’ll feel for days - and put a hand on her back to keep her still. Then I give her what she so desperately needs - twenty minutes of spanks from the paddle and my hand working on her clit.

“Ohh,” she moans, even as my paddle burns like fire on her round ass. I count the spanks, for curiosity’s sake, and she ends up receiving sixty from my hand and forty from the paddle. After a hundred spanks, I’m sure she’ll be on her best behavior for at least a week. As a reward, I roll her onto her back and spank her vagina while rubbing her clit. After a few moments, an orgasm rocks her body.

“Thank you,” she moans. “Fuck me?”

I can hardly refuse an invitation like that.
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