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My Family's Spanking Rituals

By Carl Philip Michaels

When I was growing up, I was no stranger to butt warmings. I was the youngest of three kids, with two older sisters. Since I was the youngest and the only boy, I spent a lot of time over my parents' laps, and my sisters loved to tease me about it.

My parents had these rituals they observed when one of us was being punished. First, they'd send you to your room to put on your pajamas. Even if it was ten o'clock on a Saturday morning, if you committed a "spanking offense," you were required to do this. Unfortunately for us kids, "private" spankings were unknown in our household. It might not seem like much, but believe me, it was always embarrassing to be called out to the family room in your pj's when the rest of the family was fully dressed! Unlike most parents at the time, mine did not believe in dropping spanking from the disciplinary menu just because you reached a certain age. On the contrary, their philosophy was that if spanking was effective on a five-year-old bottom, it was that much more effective on a 15-year-old one! The embarrassment factor, of course, increased exponentially with our ages. My sisters would almost always be present to watch when I got my bottom spanked; of course, I got my revenge when it was their turn, it just wasn't as often as i would have liked. We also got it this way many times over the years in front of aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents.

When you got out there, Mom would give you a short lecture about whatever it was you'd done (or hadn't done, as the case may be), then she'd send you to The Naughty Corner, where The Spanking Stick hung from a hook on the wall. You had to put your hands on top of your head and stick your nose against the wall. Then you had to spread out your feet until they were at least as far apart as your shoulders and turn your toes inward slightly. This posture was uncomfortable to say the least, and had the effect of sticking your bottom out embarrassingly into the room. Mom would set the timer for 30 minutes, and you'd stand there in that humiliating, uncomfortable position for what seemed like forever.

When it was your turn, the other kids would usually stay in the family room for the whole 30 minutes, since few things were as much fun as teasing the kid in the corner! And we had pretty much Carte Blanche to tease (as long as we didn't get overly cruel), because my parents believed that embarrassment was as important a part of the punishment as the actual spanking. You weren't allowed to speak in the corner, and the fact that you couldn't talk back to your tormentors made the teasing that much worse. The penalty for talking in the corner was as follows: Mom would come over and yank your pj's down to your ankles, give you several swats on the behind, and reset the timer so your corner time started over from the beginning! This was a very effective way of preventing corner time talking!

When the timer went off, Mom would tell you it was time to "hang 'em up." This meant you had to take The Spanking Stick off the hook and replace it with your pajamas! God, how we hated having to take our pajamas off in the living room! Especially if there was an audience of cousins, aunts an uncles or whatever! Then you had to come over to the middle of the room and suffer through a lecture in just your underwear while the rest of the family watched.

Next, she'd guide you over her lap, pulling your underpants down to your knees as you went. It was insanely embarrassing to be lying over her lap with your bare butt hanging out for all to see! The lecture would go on for a bit while you were in this position, and you'd have to answer questions and stuff (Do you know why you're being spanked? -- that kind of thing). I'd be like, Come on, just get it over with! but fortunately I was never dumb enough to say that out loud! Then the spanking would start.

Mom would work up a really good blush in your cheeks just using her hand. Once your bottom and the tops of your thighs were a nice shade of pink, she'd pick up the Spanking Stick.

My parents had bought this wooden implement at a novelty shop on one of our family vacations to keep us under control on the road. It was very effective and we all dreaded its sting. It was an inch wide and about 20 inches long, including the handle; painted in red letters were the words "Ye Olde Spanking Sticke" and there was a drawing of a reddened bottom below that. It was designed to cause maximum sting without any bruising. By the time she got to it, your butt would already be sore, so it took no time at all to make you feel like there was a fire in your posterior!

Once your entire bottom and the tops of your thighs were a uniform hot pink, she'd stop and let you hang there for a minute to regain your composure. Then it was "back to the corner" for another 30 minutes. That was HUGELY embarrassing, because you had to hobble back over there with your underpants around your ankles, hands held low. Then you had to assume the same position as before, only now it was your very BARE, HOT PINK bottom that was sticking out for all to see!

What happened after corner time at our house was, I think, what set our family apart from most others. After your spanking, you weren't allowed to put your pajamas or any other clothes on; you had to stay in your underwear until the next morning! There was no hiding in your room, either; you'd have to stay out there with the family. So if your spanking was over at 11 a.m. on a Saturday, for instance (obviously I'm recalling a particular incident here!), you had a full day and evening of embarrassing exposure to look forward to.

It was also a family rule that, just because one kid had disobeyed and gotten spanked, the other kids shouldn't be punished; they were free to have their friends over if they wanted to. This was carefully negotiated terrain among us kids. Yes, it could be very entertaining to have your friends over when your brother or sister was restricted to their underwear; a good time was guaranteed for all (except one)! However, you had to figure in the Paybacks Are Hell factor: If you treated your 12-year-old friend to a close-up view of your big sister in just her bra and panties, you could be certain that next time you were confined to the house in your BVD's, she would have a troop of her girlfriends over to enjoy the view!

Copyright 2010 by Carl Philip Michaels
All Rights Reserved

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Wonderful account of shameful discipline, much like I got it growing up!

Marci if you'd care to share more and hear my experiences.
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Thanks so much, Marci! Please tell me more about your experiences!


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