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High Heels, stockings & suspenders do not prevent a spanking Part 2

Amanda had never been in this position before and found it most undignified and started protesting almost straight away.

"No, let me up, let me get up...", she cried.

Amanda kicked and wriggled and felt Geoff put his strong firm arm across her back to hold her down. It was no use; he was too strong for her. She was well and truly tucked under his arm, with her head only a few inches from the carpet.

How she wished she'd worn trousers today, or at least a longer skirt, she was sure her skirt had ridden too far up and was exposing parts of her that she would rather have kept covered.

Suddenly Amanda felt the palm of Geoff's hand come down sharply on her bottom. She screamed out in shock. This hurt; she had never been spanked before and was unprepared for the sting in her rear end. Before she had time to focus again, another hefty slap landed on her backside making her yelp again.

This was too much for Amanda, despite it only being two slaps, she felt she'd had enough and wanted out. She struggled and protested but this only earned her four sharper slaps on her already stinging bottom.

Geoff warned her to keep still and behave but Amanda carried on wriggling, and trying to get her hand round to protect her sore bottom from any further blows.

Skilfully, Geoff grasped her wrist in his hand and held her tight and carried on spanking.

"Owww.. no Geoff, please.. that's enough!" she howled.

"I'll decide when you've had enough young lady. And it's Mr Wright from now. It's about time you showed me a bit more respect," he continued raining sharp slaps to her proffered backside before pausing for a few moments.

Amanda couldn't believe what was happening. She was totally helpless and her rear end felt like it was on fire.

"Right Mrs Simpkins", said Geoff, interrupting her thoughts of humiliation. "I think it's time we moved on and got down to business properly, the others will be arriving shortly and I'm sure you'd like to make yourself presentable again before you come face to face with them.

Amanda wriggled and complained some more, trying to free herself from what she felt was the most undignified position she had ever experienced. Suddenly, she was aware of her short skirt being raised and the feel of cool air and the intermittent warmth of Geoff's breath on the backs of her upper thighs.

"What the hell are you doing, get off me you bastard, put my skirt down and let me go." she protested, doing her best to wriggle even harder.

“You agreed that you would let me punish you instead of me giving you the sack, now if you have changed your mind, then I can let you up now and you can still be out before the others arrive. Personally I would have felt that since your punishment is well under way, that for the sake of a few more minutes, it would be worth going on, in order that you can keep your job. However, the choice is yours, now what do you want to do?"

There was a long silence, coupled with more attempts at wriggling from Amanda as she lay over Geoff's lap. She knew that if she could just last a little while longer, she would at least keep her job and not have the worry of finding some way to support herself if she were to walk out the door now. However, it was not an easy thing for her to admit that she actually wanted him to carry on spanking her so that she wouldn't get the sack.

"What's it to be Amanda?" Geoff asked "The sack or the spanking? The choice is yours!

Amanda felt a huge sense of humiliation rush over her, and despite the fact that Geoff couldn't see her face, she tucked her head down further, allowing her blonde hair to fall forward as she quietly said "spanking".

"Sorry Mrs Simpkins, you will have to do better than that, I need to be 100% clear on what you want to do. Do you want me to sack you, or spank you?"

Amanda knew what she had to reply, but actually saying it was more than she could force herself to do. She was still trying to think of a way out of admitting it, maybe by taking the opposite route of saying she didn't want the sack, when Geoff landed a resounding WHACK on her backside.

"Answer me Amanda, do I sack you or do I spank you?"

"Owwwww" Amanda squealed. Without the need for any more encouragement she blurted out, "spank me, but not so hard, it hurts".

"Good, I'm glad about that, it's meant to," replied Geoff, looking at the clock. "Now we must get on, you have wasted enough time as it is.

He had spent the past few minutes looking at Amanda's perfectly framed backside. In fact he couldn't tear his eyes away. The slim waist and then the pronounced swell of her womanly hips. He'd always thought that she was the kind of woman who wore tights under her short skirts, but having her up ended over his knee had shone a different light on things.

As he pulled her skirt up a matter of inches, things took on a different perspective. Firstly, she wasn't wearing tights. She was wearing black stockings which at the top were trimmed in black lace. These were attached to a dark blue suspender belt framing her perfectly shaped bottom. This in turn was barely covered with matching blue silky panties that were very high cut. In fact there were only tiny lace covered pieces of elastic on the hips, holding the triangles of blue silk cloth that covered her pubic region and the crack of her bottom.

"Lucky blighter", he thought musing over the pleasures Mrs Simpkins husband must get.

Amanda in turn was doubly humiliated that at 35, here she was her underwear on display and being spanked like a child.

Wiggling about some more on his lap which Geoff found more than a little arousing, she gave a half-hearted, "Oh please no".

But taking another look at the clock, Geoff realised that time was running short, so swiftly he hooked his thumb into the top of Amanda's blue silk knickers and tugged them down sharply so that they rested just below the tops of her stockings.

"No.. no. stop it, put my knickers back up, you can't spank my bare backside, you can't.. I won't let you!" Amanda tried her best to wriggle some more, but quickly realised that Geoff had anticipated her and taken an even firmer hold of her. Embarrassment got the better of her and she began to feel the tears pricking her eyes.

Without further comment from Geoff, he proceeded to spank Amanda's pale, but already reddening bottom, spreading his hand out and covering as much of the tender flesh as he could, aiming plenty of sharp, stinging slaps right on the seat of her bottom where he was sure she would feel them for the rest of the day. This young lady would not be sitting comfortably for some time, he was sure of that!

Tucking his arm around her to re-affirm his grip, and using his elbow to hold her down firmly between the shoulder blades, he spanked all over the area of flesh that was encircled by the straps of her blue suspender belt and stocking tops, amid yelps and wriggles from Amanda.

He continued delivering swats to her behind, right, left and centre until at least 50 smacks were delivered and Amanda lay sobbing over his lap.

"Right, get up!" Geoff said sternly, "go and stand over there in the corner with your hands on your head."

Meekly Amanda stood upright and attempted to pull up her underwear and straighten her clothes.

"Leave them exactly where they are or I will repeat your punishment from the beginning." Geoff commanded.

Too worn out to argue, Amanda made her way over to the corner of the room where Geoff was pointing and stood facing the wall. Tears coursed down her cheeks and he watched as her sobs made the upper half of her body leap in time with them.

"You can stay there like that for the next few minutes and think about why I have had the need to punish you like this. Maybe it will make you think twice before acting out of turn like that again at a business dinner, is that understood?"

He said nothing and totally ignored her as he settled down to his desk and started dialling on the phone. Amanda felt totally embarrassed as Geoff made a business call in the same room where she had been spanked by him just minutes earlier, and where she now stood, hands on her head, facing the wall with her skirt up around her waist and her knickers bunched up around her knees with her thoroughly spanked and paddled bottom on show.

Geoff made her stand there for half an hour before saying, "Straighten your clothes Mrs Simpkins and come over here".

Without waiting to be told a second time, Amanda lowered her aching arms and pulled her knickers back up. Her bottom stung as she pulled the elastic up over it, making her wince. Straightening her skirt, and brushing back her hair, she turned and walked over and stood in front of Geoff's desk.

"Well Mrs Simpkins, I think you have learnt your lesson for today, but mark my words, if I have to call you in here for anything similar in future, the results will be far more severe than this time, is that clear?"

"Yes Sir." Amanda replied quietly and left the room.
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