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Sister & Brother spanked by mom

It was around dinner time and I was exited to celebrate my 19th birthday with my friends out in the city. My birthday had been the day before but I had to be with my family so next days are always better. I was in my room getting ready when I heard my brother fussing about his video game console or something. I disregarded it then I heard Mom come up and saw the wooden spoon in her hand and knew he was about to get it.

I was spanked a growing up and this to me was completely normal. Instead of ironing my hair in front of the mirror I literally watched from the bedroom. So much better when your not on the receiving side, or 19 years old to say the least! His sweat pants had been pulled down and his boxer briefs were just barely hanging on with all the wiggling that was going on. Mom held both his hands and pinned his legs with and proceeded with the stinging wooden spoon spanks.

A few minutes later I heard her hand spanking instead of using her wooden spoon, this was a bit rare considering she usually was finished after the wooden spoon. My brother was balling and his young bottom bruised with a red and pale gloss. Mom had stopped and scolded him about complaining constantly about video games etc.

I walked in and laughed at him and got a small slap on his bruised bottom before bottom grab my wrist. I knew she was mad by the why she grabbed me. Next thing I know my legs are under her waist and im over mom’s knee about to receive my spanking! This cant be happening im to old to be spanked, how, what to I do, my brother OMG! She started slapping my lower bottom and thighs with her firm hand. I was already crying by the time she pulled the wooden spoon out and started scolding me while smacking for what seemed like an eternity on my young tender buttocks.

After it was done I started rubbing my bottom and saw my brother laying down holding his well spanked butt as well. We both were sent to our rooms and the next morning we were all to have a talk at 9AM and decide if more spankings would occur. It was a night I will sure not forget and I will sure will I had not forgot with my friends…
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