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Old 03-16-2017, 04:43 PM
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A true account

What happened here is a true experience.

It was a great place to stop and refuel, take shower and eat a good meal. Its actual name is irrelevant but we all called it the 'miniskirt junction' as all the pretty young waitresses would wear very short mini skirts. All they had to do was bend over slightly and you can see panties that's how short they were. They made lots of tips and the place was always packed.

Things change however. The original owner was getting old and tired and when his wife died he just lost interest and sold the place. A foreign married couple bought it and the first thing they did was fire the cook as they thought he made to much money for a short order cook.

The food went down hill from there and truck drivers were starting to crumble about the crummy food and the escalating prices. Before long every driver was complaining and started either by passing the place or just stopping there for fuel and a shower. Most they would get there was a cup of coffee for 25 cents. The new owners didn't care as the place was making money on fuel but the pretty young waitresses started leaving because they weren't make any money on tips anymore.

The new owners still required the waitresses to wears short skirts but the new recruits were getting older and more in need of a job so they put up with the lack of business and the lack of good tips and accepted the measly hourly rate.

I was in my twenties and still went in there as all I eat anyway was bacon and eggs and any cook, good or bad, can still cook an egg. There was an older waitress and her younger sister started working there and while both were older, they were about twice my age, they still had a nice figure and both had nice, fully round bubble butts that they loved to flaunt. For instance. while I sat there they would always pick a table directly across from me and bend over to wipe that table off giving me a nice long look of their panty covered bottoms. While they were a little small up top both had full rounded bottoms and nicely figured legs.

While always a good tipper I started leaving great big tips for them. For a $7 dollar meal I would leave a $20 dollar bill and tell them to keep the change. They appreciated it and would position themselves so I could give them a nice solid smack to their bottoms. Their skirts were made from pretty thin material and since they only wore thin cotton panties underneath I could always feel how soft those full rounded mature bottom cheeks were. After a smack they would sometimes giggle and say, "Thank you sir" and walk away. My eyes firmly glued on her freshly spanked bum wiggling seductively under her miniskirt.

Things got worse and worse there and they really appreciated me coming in almost everyday to help them out. On several occasions I would be getting up from the booth I was sitting at, telling her to keep the change and she would immediately bend fully across the table to pick up the money and wait like that until I gave her bottom a good rub and then a quick spank. Again, "Thank you sir" followed by a little giggle.

Things got even better when the older sister sat down and told me that she had car problems. She knew I was a truck driver and assumed I knew something about cars and engines and after describing what happened I told her she had blown the engine. She was in denial as she went on and on about how it couldn't be blown but I told her the symptoms of a blown engine. She got really depressed after I told her and added that this could have been avoided and what she really needed was a good spanking. She nodded her head and said, "I know"

It felt really erotic telling a woman that was at least twice my age that she needed a good spanking and it felt even more arousing after she said,

"Do you like have a paddle or something out in the truck, or" hesitating slightly, "Are you going to use a paddle?"

I said, "No, I don't have a paddle."

She smiled slightly feeling a bit relieved adding, "That's good because I've never been paddled before."

"Will you help us out after?"


"Our pants up or down?"

To be continued.

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Nice story, nosrettap!
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"Pants down" I said.

She was sitting across from me in the booth a little nervous sometimes avoiding my gaze looking away towards the counter.

She said a little exasperated.

"Oh, bare butt than?" "Are you going to pull them down or should I wear pants at all?"

"Don't you think you deserve it on your bare bottom?" "Replacement engines are expensive."

When I referred to it as "her bare Bottom" I could tell she was embarrassed as her cheeks were blushed.

"Yea, I guess you're right."

By that time her younger sister had overheard enough of our conversation and after taking care of another customer who was sitting at the far end of the counter drinking a cup of coffee and reading a newspaper , she finished refilling his coffee cup and walked over to stand next to me leaning over and whispered,

"Are you going to paddle me?"

You have to visualize these skirts the wore. The were so short that barely covered their panties and offered a nice view of their legs about the length of a college cheerleader's skirt.. While both were considered middle aged women they both had nice shape legs, not like a younger twenty something aged girl would have but a little bit of thicker that you would expect form a women her age. Her skin showed her age somewhat not to bad not like her face that showed a lot more signs of her age. But that's all you saw was legs sticking out from under these tiny skirts.

Her older sister interrupted saying in a hushed voice,

"No, no, no, he's just going to spank us."

"Oh big difference." "I don't know why I'm getting paddled it was you who blew up the car." She said a little louder.

They were sisters who lived together renting a trailer at a park so they were always at each other's throats.

Her sister yelled out, "Keep your voice down" and "No I didn't"

"Yes you did."

Now they were screaming at each other.

I said, "You're both to blame."

She smirked and walked away.

The older sister started to get up saying she needed to call the garage and tell them to start working on the car. Saying, "Are you going to do it now or tomorrow or do you want to wait until the car is finished?"

"Next time I come in." "How's that."

She said, "Okay, that's fine." "I'll tell my sister."

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Very nice.
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Old 03-20-2017, 10:11 PM
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"Its done" She said as I walked in.


"Yep, we told him we really need this car back and he started on it right away." "Do you have it?"


I remember she grabbed my arm and squeezed it with both hands and kissed me on the cheek. "Thank you so much."

"Where's your older sister?"

"She started a little earlier so she's gone already." I'll be off in an hour so we'll walk down, is that OK?"

I failed to mention that in the winter time they would wear panty hose also because it did get kind of drafty in there.

We walked down and I remember her older sister was in tight jeans and while the younger sister went off to pee I pulled a chair out from the dining room table. The older sister was sitting on the couch smoking a cigarette, she was a big chain smoker, and she asked a bunch of questions,

"How you want to do this?" "Across your knee or something?"

She was nervous and you could tell.

I said, "Is this chair strong enough to hold both of us?"

"I guess."

"We'll have to wait until your sister gets done."

"Is this fine or do you want to change?"

I said, "You're fine."

We heard her sister come out of the bathroom and she got up and walked over to me. She stood in front of me with her arms down by her side and stood there pretty still while I opened the buttons on the front of her jeans. I remember those jeans were tight and I had to turn her to the left and right slightly while working them down. Eventually her bottom just popped into view and her sister who was sitting curled up on the couch watching intently laughed slightly saying, "Look at her butt wiggle." As I worked her pants down to her bare feet telling her to step out of them she started to pull her panties down and got them down to about her mid thigh before I stopped her by saying I would do that. She said sorry and pulled them right back up and place her hands back at her sides. I pulled them all the way off keeping them in my hand and told her I would put them back on her afterwards. She got kind of embarrassed at that as her face blushed red while she looked away.

All the while her younger sister was laughing quietly and giggling as I guided her sister over my lap.

During the spanking her younger sister would comment and laugh about how her butt was bouncing around and how red it was getting. The older sister would sometimes look back over her shoulder at her sister sitting on the couch to tell her to, "Shut up this hurts." When she did that I would stop spanking and start to rub and knead her bottom then separate her cheeks and either take a good look at her or take my other hand and start rubbing her between her cheeks. She avoided my gaze at all costs always looking away when I looked down at her when she started yelling at her sister to "Shut up" or "Would you please stop laughing."

Both spanking were unremarkable as they lay across my lap, I crossed my legs one over the other so their bottoms would be prominently displayed but I only once in a while heard a real faint "Ow" or an "Ouch" or saw their faces grimace. They both kept their hands flat on the floor with their heads down and their feet were slightly off the floor. During the entire spanking they would occasionally kicked their legs up but only slightly.

I do remember how creamy smooth and soft their bottoms were. And how good their cheeks felt in my hand. Every time I would smack one of their cheeks it would flatten and bounce quite a bit. But it didn't take very long or very many smacks either before their bottoms turned from pink to red. Like I said during their spankings I would sometimes stop spanking and start rubbing and knead their bottoms. Other times I would pull their cheeks apart and give them a good rub between their cheeks and either look down at her or look over at the other sister and smile. The younger sister would smile back at me but the older sister after her spanking wasn't all the interested and just sat there on the far end of the couch smoking a cigarette and looking over only occasionally.

After each of their spankings I would help them up and have them stand in front of me telling them I'll replace their panties for them. I would hand them back their panties asking them to fix them so they go on the right way and hand them back to me. I leaned over to slip them on over their feet then pulled them all the way up turning them around to make sure their panties covered their bottoms properly. The older sister was pretty quiet the whole time I was replacing her panties while the younger sister just said, "That wasn't to bad, I've had worse."

But, she walked back to the couch and sat down then looked over at me while pointing her figure at her sister sitting at the opposite end of the couch and said, "I still don't know why I had to get it too, its her car"

Her sister replied, "Mom bought that car for both of us and its in both of our names."

"That's bullshit and you know it." "I hardly drive that car at all."

"No it isn't"

"Yes it is."

But they stopped eventually and walked over to the dining room table where I was sitting and we all sat around the dining room table while I made out the check and I said that I noticed that both of them were clean shaven and asked them if they had to be completely bald down there for their job. The younger sister said it was because of the short skirts they had to wear at work. Her older sister just rolled her eyes but didn't say a word.

The older one said that she didn't particularly like the position she was in having to be , "Draped across your knee like that."

But right after that she still asked if this is a one time thing or are you going to help us out again.

The nest time I came in I asked the older sister, "How's your bottom?" She always got embarrassed by my referring to it as her bottom as her face would always turn slightly red when I asked her.

She said, "My heinie?" "Oh its fine." "Its still a little sore but I'm okay."

She sat down in the booth I was sitting at and said,

"Please Gil next time don't put me across your knee. Any other position except across your knee."


"Its kind of awkward getting paddy whacked like that. "


"Well, you know, the whole thing makes me feel like a child or something."

"Huh?" I was just acting like I didn't know what she was talking about so she would continue. I knew she was embarrassed talking about this because her cheeks were blushed. And of course it was pretty erotic talking to a woman nearly twice your age about the spanking you just gave her bare backside.

"Well, you know, I'm at least twice your age but I have to stand there getting my pants pulled down."

"I told you it was going to be on your bare bottom."

"yea, I know you did." Her face really blushed after I said that.

"But do you have to bend me over like a pretzel with my head barely off the floor?"

"I told you, you were going to get it over my knee."

"Yea but I have to keep that position and have to stay like that until you're finished." "And I know full well the whole time I'm getting my hindend tanned you're having a good long look at me back there." "I mean, you've seen parts of me Gil that I've never seen. You know what I mean?"

"Your sister didn't seem to mind."

"I'm a little older than my sister and a lot older than you are and after you're finished I have stand in front of you with my bare heinie and all showing and wait like that while you pull my pants back up." "Geez. I'm not a child anymore."

"Don't worry about it" That's the only thing I could think of saying.

She made like a smirk while saying, "Can I at least keep my underwear on the next time?" "You can pull them up between my cheeks so they're like a thong." She giggled a bit "At least I won't feel so exposed the whole time I'm getting it."


"Can we at least talk about this the next time?" Now she sounded like she was pleading.


"Or, maybe don't cross your legs like that or we could do it while your sitting on the couch."

"Do you need the help?

"Yes, and I appreciate it." "So its your way or the highway, huh?"


"I knew this wouldn't do any good."

I helped them about a half a dozen more times before the place closed permanently.

Last I heard they are currently living at their mother's place in Florida.

Sorry about all the editing but even though this happened only a short time ago I spanked these two a number of times and since I'm only going on memory events are sort of running together.

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