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Alison's Report Card M/F pt 1 (repost of my story from another forum)

My story was written a while ago and posted on another forum, but I figured i'd bring it and share with you here too...

Before you get started I'll warn you this is kinda long. Short stories are hard for me because I need to "know" my characters. Allison is a girl I've been working on for a while and this is the first story I've written with her (and my first posted anywhere). This story is entirely fictional, all the names place etc have no bearing on real people

I hope you all enjoy it:

Allison was slightly tall, about 5 ft 7, slightly taller than most of the girls in her school (a fact she enjoyed most of the time) and very slender. Her long brown hair usually hung free almost to her waist. She was a very feminine girl and could be seen out mostly in skirts and blouses. With high cheekbones and a tiny nose Allison was a very pretty girl.

Growing up Allison had most always appeared well behaved and had most often even gotten good grades. This was due largely to the fact that her mother was very big on two things, being a proper young lady and discipline. Her father was very big on three things; keeping his wife happy, raising a good family and discipline.

As “not behaving as a young lady should” left a broad range for breaking rules, discipline was handed out somewhat frequently by both her mother and her father (although mom usually decided when rules were broken, what they had been and what the consequences would be).

She had been scolded, sent to her room, sent to the corner and grounded as punishment. A sound spanking however was the preferred punishment by either parent often accompanied by one of the others.

Allison had just finished the first semester of her freshman year of high school. It was the beginning of October. For at least the tenth time she was gazing out the window of her English class daydreaming about Jason Bedford kissing her. It was during a very passionate moment that she was snapped back to reality by the voice of her teacher. “WHAT WAS THAT?” she blurted out. “I said ‘Don’t forget to look over your report cards when you get home.’” Mr. Greydon said to the uncharacteristic outbreak. “Did you forget it was that day Allison? I’d think you’d sound more pleased, you are getting an A.”. “Oh. I did forget, sorry Mr. Greydon.” She replied slightly embarrassed. Just then the bell rang the end of the school day.

Getting up slowly, Allison walked out the door headed for her locker. Her mind was whirling and her stomach was twisting in to knots. It wasn’t English that had her worried, in fact she was receiving nothing less than a B. Except for Social Studies that is. It’s not that she was bad at Social Studies, it was just that she sat only 2 seats away from Jason Bedford and found it not only hard to talk in class, but hard to think with him there. “Darn Jason, why did he have to be in my class” she thought, not for the first time, but again realized that was unfair. Jason had barely said a dozen words to her so far.

She got her jacket and book bag from her locker and slowly started walking home. Allison didn’t notice the other students walking by and saying hi anymore than she noticed the warm sun shining down on this chilly day. She hadn’t gotten a D+ since sixth grade and she had received a very sound spanking for that one. Just a few small points and she would have had a C-. Just a few small points and she would have been scolded and maybe grounded, but avoided the entire spanking. She was disappointed in herself for the bad grade and dreading the punishment she was sure to receive.

Her mind raced through ways to explain and discarded them all; if she told her parents the truth she’d probably only get in more trouble. Daydreaming after boys was not, after all, what proper young lady did when she was supposed to be learning. She tried to figure out ways to get out of it all, but she knew the school had mailed out letters two weeks ago to all parents about the coming reports and her mother ALWAYS got the mail before she was home.

She was dragging her feet as she turned on to her street. Before she realized it she was standing at the steps in front of her house. She stayed there for a minute hoping for a way out, but she knew she was caught.

Allison walked in the front door to find her mother sitting on the couch watching television. Her heart sank to her shoes as she noticed the report card sitting open on the table. “Allison, you know we’re going to have to talk about this.” Her mother said sternly nodding to the report card. “I know mom, but I…..” Allison tried to protest meekly “I SAID we’re going to have to talk about this. I DID NOT say right now.” Her mother interrupted. “Get up to your room and do your homework. Your father will be home soon and I want to talk to him first. I’ll call you when dinner’s ready.” Her mother continued in a softer voice. “Yes ma’am” she replied and headed to her room.

Allison sat in her room trying to concentrate on her homework and tapping her pencil on the desk. Her mind kept going over and over what would happen to her, she even fantasized that her parents told her she just had to try harder and sent her off to bed. She might as well wish for Jason Bedford to come rescue her on a white horse.

It was about six o’clock when she heard her father’s car pull in the driveway. She heard the car door close and a few minutes later mumbled voices downstairs. Allison pressed her ear to the door and tried to listen, but couldn’t make out anything that was said.

After about a half an hour the door opened “Dinners ready.” Her mother said leaning in. She went downstairs and in to the kitchen where her father was already seated. She sat down trying to go unnoticed. Her father looked up from his paper “We’re going to have our little talk after dinner.” He told her. Poor Allison was forced to sit there in nervous anticipation while her parents chatted idly.

As soon as dinner was over, her father asked her to explain her poor grade. “I just messed up.” was all she could think to say. “You know that’s not good enough.” he replied. “Allison, you’re a bright young lady. You don’t seem to have any problems when you apply yourself. Are you having some trouble in school you haven’t told us about?”. “No it’s just one D. I can make it up; it’s not a big deal.” She knew that was the wrong thing to say as the words left her mouth.
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I am like you - "short" story is hard for me cuz I like to give the characters depth, create the plot by giving background and explanation. That's what makes a story!!!

That said - I can relate to this!! There were some things I had done in high school that RG forever says I should have gotten good and spanked for and this scenario is similar. Except I changed grades on the report I had to bring home from school and intercepted mail to keep my father from getting the originals. One year, my brother the accomplice, actually BURNED the ones that came in the mail! Father dear was not too happy about that when he found out. Alas, his favorite punishment was to condemn us to hard labor in the yard and house.

I like the suspense at the end -- hearing Dad get home. Uh-oh!!

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What is a short story? 2 paragraphs???

If I am reading a story for the eroticism, I like at least 2 to 3 pages. You both are correct; a plot and the characters cannot be developed in a short space. Keep up the good work, and I will look forward to seeing more in the future ~ and maybe Sarah's too.
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