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Alison's Report Card M/F pt 2 (repost of my story from another forum)

“A D is a very big deal. Since you obviously aren’t taking this very seriously I’ll tell you what’s to be done.” her mother piped in. “You are going up to your room and study Geography and think about what you’ve done. Get ready for bed early because your father will be up in a while and it’s the belt for you young lady!” her mother continued picking up intensity. “You need to learn that bad grades are not acceptable for a proper young lady and you need to take your grades seriously.”

“But mom I…” she started to plead “Don’t make it any worse on yourself Allison. Your mother told you to get up to your room and I suggest you do just that.” her father cut in. “Yes sir.” came the meek reply.

She went up to her room and opened her book. Concentrating on studying eluded her. “It’s so unfair. I didn’t mean to do badly in class. I should give Jason the belt, this is all his fault. Damn Jason and his football and his “cool” letter jacket” thought Allison. She sat at her desk for some time thinking about the spankings she had received in the past and watched the sun fade from the sky. She knew it was going to hurt tremendously, the belt in her fathers hand always hurt a lot. She hadn’t gotten the belt in a few months and remembered the burning sting afterwards. Last time she had been sore and tender for days, especially sitting. Her father was an electrician and wore a wide and thick leather belt with a weave pattern along it. He was an expert shot and continued the punishments until he was satisfied they achieved results.

A little after eight o’clock she closed the book, brushed her hair and changed in to her pink pajamas. She sat on the edge of the bed watching the clock and waiting for her father; she knew he would be along soon.

Just after eight thirty her father entered and sat in the chair across from her. “You know your mother and I love you very much right?” he asked. “Yes sir.” she answered sullenly. “Allison we just want what’s best for you. We both want you to have a good life and we want you to do your best. There’s no reason for a girl as smart as you to get bad grades.” her father continued. “I know dad, I didn’t mean to. I just didn’t get things done like I should. I’ll do better next time I promise, I don’t want a spanking, it’s going to hurt.” came her plea. “Of course you don’t want a spanking, I don’t want to have to spank you, and yes it is going to hurt. I mean to teach you a lesson Allison and this seems to be the only way to get through to you anymore. You do understand why you’re being spanked and why you deserve a spanking don’t you?” he asked kindly. “Yes Sir. I understand.”. “Okay stand up, drop your bottoms and bend over the bed” he instructed standing up and pulling off his heavy work belt.

“Yes sir.” Allison replied standing. She turned to face the bed, pulled down her pajama bottoms and bent over exposing bottom. Her father came behind her and she felt the cold leather against her very exposed cheeks. “Are you ready young lady.” he asked “No” came the pouty reply. “I am” her father informed.

He waited only a few seconds more before the belt striped down across her bare bottom. She jerked only a bit, it stung and felt like a line of heat was growing on her behind. After five more she started to wiggle and moan. She was gripping the blankets and her bottom was on fire. Her father took a moment between swats letting the last one set in. He managed to stripe her from the tops of her thighs to the top of her cheeks. A few more and she was kicking her legs “OW, OW, OWW daddy please stop. I’ll be good I promise. PLEASE!” she knew it was in vain, but the growing pain in her bottom over road that part of her mind.

After about fifteen or so, tears started to well uncontrollably in her eyes. She danced and kicked howling with each new stroke. “OW, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE” she begged. The belt continued to land methodically across her now reddened butt. Allison felt like she had sat straight down in a furnace.

After what seemed like an eternity the belt stopped swinging. Allison just stood there bent over crying and feeling the heat rising in her backside. She knew she had deserved the punishment and she felt horrible for letting down her parents and herself. Her father put his belt back on and stood silently letting her have her time.

A few minutes later when the sobs had slowed some he told her to stand up and turn around. As she did her father asked “Did you learn your lesson? We won’t be seeing another report card like that will we?” “No daddy I learned my lesson.” She sobbed wiping away tears. “Good.” her father said hugging her close “I don’t want to have to repeat this.” “Now go stand in that corner. Leave your bottoms down. I’ll be up to tell you when it’s time for bed.”

Allison walked to the corner rubbing her sore bottom gently. A she stood there a new set of sobs began. She hadn’t wanted a spanking, but she knew it was no less than she deserved.

Her father left and she could hear the mumble of voices again downstairs as he talked with her mother. A half hour later the door opened and her father poked his head in. “Time for bed sweetheart. I’ll see you in the morning.” he said. “Okay dad.” Allison said pulling up her pajama bottoms. Her father left the room and she crawled in to bed, lying on her stomach. She was very relieved that once the punishment was finished she was forgiven for it. She knew when she went down for breakfast in the morning it would be as if nothing had happened. Thinking that her mother and father loved her and she loved them she drifted off to sleep….

When she woke in the morning she immediately felt the stinging in her rear. She checked her behind in the mirror. It was still very red and just slightly bruised. She took a shower, got dressed for school and went downstairs. Sure enough her parents greeted her warmly as if nothing had happened.

Allison walked to school with new thoughts and hopes drifting in her mind. As she cautiously lowered herself in to her seat and sat very gingerly she thought to herself “No more daydreaming, and no more bad grades for me!” but only time would truly tell……..
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oooo...the belt! Nice domestic story.

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