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Talking The Brady Bunch

(This is fiction. A story about the Brady Bunch from T.V.)

"Please please daddy, it won;t ever happen again" 16 year old Marcia Brady pleaded with her dad as he was securing her ankles to the desk legs. Her mom had already secured her wrists.

"You can bet it won't happen again young lady" her dad replied.

Marcia received a very poor report card for the second time. It seems she forgot about the canning she got the last time. Now her small meaty hairless flawless teen buttocks were offered up for more of the cane. Dad then pushed a small cushion under her stomach. He wants his daughters cheeks arched up for the cane. She sobbed quietly. Her clothes, all of them, were placed neatly on a chair. Marcia Brady was completely naked.

The rest of the Brady kids sat back on the sofa and in some chairs. Punishments were usually family affairs. Their housekeeper was also present and stood at the front of the desk.

"Now kids....keep your eyes on your sisters buttocks. This is what you can expect when you don't apply yourselves in school" dad warned them.

"How many did she get the last time" dad asked the housekeeper.
"It 24 Mr. Brady"
"Then it will be 36 strokes this time, 18 with the number 1 cane and 18 with the number 2 cane"
"Oh so m-many...please daddy...pleasee"

"Be silent young lady" he ordered as he took down the first cane and stood behind her. he pressed it firmly across the center of her teen cheeks. Her mom stood and watched like everyone else. he drew it well back.

"Please count them" he told the housekeeper.

Her bottom cringed as she heard the first cut......CRACKK....dead center.
A deep red stripe formed.
"Owweerrrriierroowwwwwwwwwwwww" she cried out.
CRACKK....CRRACKKK....two more, higher up, very hard.
CRRACKK...CCRRRACKKK...CCRRACKK....the kids cringed as they watched the cane attack their sisters nude bottom with great force. Now across the meaty base.
Marcia screamed her head off as each cane cut bit deeply into her young globes. Dad took his time. The housekeeper counted. The kids cringed. The stripes formed and began to overlap. Dad hit harder.

"Arch your bottom out more....more..." he warned as he tapped her cheeks.

The cane then resumed its vicious punishment of the teen cheeks and thighs.
The count finally reached 16. Maricia's face was a mass of tears.

Dad stopped. He stood back, mom was armed with the next cane, the thicker one. She wasted no time and began with full armed cuts top to base, base to top, thighs. The girl was hysterical from the pain in her bottom. Cindy Brady, one of the younger ones, began to sob quietly as she watched her older sister being punished. Crack after crack after crack mom delivered the cuts at a slow pace. Now her daughters bottom looked like a battlefield after 18 more cuts.

Dad scolded her again. Then they freed her ankles only and had her kneel up on the desk. Dad then delivered 5 more cuts, this time vertically. Two to the soles of each bare foot, one down each inner cheek, and the final one directly on her anus.

Her screams filled the entire house.

Finally it was over. She promised to never ever get a poor report card again.

The rest of the Brady Bunch made that same promise to themselves.

Only time will tell.
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