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Talking Food Fight

was 10yrs and I had been in trouble at school. I got mad at a girl in the cafeteria

and I started a food fight I had a spoon of mash with gravy and I flung it at her and then she did the same with me. We were both sent to the principle's office and the principle called our mom's and told them we were getting spanked then we are to clean the mess in the cafeteria. The principle handed me the phone because mom wanted to speak to me. I was told that I will be in for a good spanking when I got home.

We were both spanked 5X's then we both had to clean the wall and the mess on the floor and table. We cleaned up the mess. Then finished school for the day.

I was walking home slowly I knew what was waiting for me at home. I was walking with my friend I decided I was not going home. I had went to my friends for a bit, then went to the park and walked through the park I was taking the long way home. I was about hr late from getting home. it only takes me 10min from school to home when I am not in trouble.

I finely got to the house and I was not fast at getting there. My mom was watching by the big bay window. then she went over to the door and was asking me where I have been. I told her the truth.

Mom said now I have two reason to bust your butt. I pleaded and told her I just was not ready for it and that's why I was so slow at getting home. As soon as I entered mom had grabbed my right arm and started spanking while standing and then she let go long enough to lift my dress and put me over her knee and she spanked and lectured. my bare back side.

I remember telling my mom I will call the police and I remember mom told me that if I ever did I had better have my running shoes on she would blister my bottom. I never did.

But my baby sister did one time. I think I was 14 and my sister was around 11. because she got a spanking earlier for being bratty and she had been cussing and mom washed her mouth, she had corner.
My sister called the police they came over and mom told them what had happen and also told them my sister is in for another for troubling the Police. They left and mom went to the couch grabbed my sister and she got it good from my mom with a slipper. her butt was beat red. At least that time I was the good kid,
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