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One minute Mauria was walking home the few shorts blocks from the mall, the next she was forced into the back of a van by three men, then taken to a remote house, there forced to undress completely and now pleading as she lay face down, spread eagled, on a bed. She was 18 years old and had a lovely trim body. Her small toes pressed into the bedsheets and her wrists and ankles were secured to the bedpost. A pillow was placed under her stomach. Her ass cheeks, perfect cheeks, were arched up for some serious punishment. Good hairless flawless meaty rounded cheeks. The men looked down at the naked girl. They grinned.

"Please..l-let me g-go...I did not d-d-do anything w-wrong" she pleaded.
"You are going to be severely quiet" the leader said.

Then he and one of the other men, stood to each side of the bed, armed with thick straps. He nodded and the punishment began.

WHAP...WHAP....WHAP...WHAP....from each side the straps slammed across the teens buttocks hard. She wailed as her head snapped back.
WHAP...WHAP...WHAP...WHAP.....the straps impacted her cheeks, the leather hugged and caressed the soft globes leaving deep red bands.

WHAP...WHAP....WHAP...WHAP.......WHAP...WHAP...WHA P...WHAP..WHAP...they took their time and laid the straps across her cheeks with pistol like shots.

Her cute toes dg into the bedsheets, she clawed at the thin air, she cried, screamed and pleaded. They ignored her and kept up the beating.

"Make her feel them" the third man standing at the end of the bed said.

WHAP...WHAP...WHAP...WHAP.....WHAP...WHAP...WHAP.. man worked up her cheeks and the other down them. Soon her cheeks were beet red. They then worked on her thighs some and then back to her teen cheeks.

They nodded to each other and then hit full force. The third man watched and unzipped his pants and started stroking his penis which was rock hard.

After a few dozen strokes, her bottom was solid red. Her tears soaked the bedsheet. The third man then took his turn giving her some 20 more solid hard cracks. Then all three of them took off their pants and underwear. they let her off the bed. But now only to be bent over the end of the bed. next came the cane. Again they took turns. They gave her 5 cuts of the cane each.

One man liked her cute feet and so he had her lay face up on the bed as he licked her feet. Soles and deep between her toes and then put her toes in his mouth.

They then took her up to the room where she would be staying for the next week. She was told to put on a pair of pajama's. She was locked in the room for the night. About 10 pm as she drifted off to sleep, the men returned and flicked on the lights. They were all naked. They woke her up and had her strip naked again. It was going to be a long night.
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