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Unhappy Sewiing lessons

I was 14. I was having problems with my sewing home work I was learning the pattern.
My mom did a lot of sewing and she owned a sewing machine and had made my sister and me dresses and shorts shirts she made a lot of stuff.

My mom had to take me to buy a pattern and material for a home work assignment.
We got home and I was reading the homework book on how to use the pattern.

I had did the measurements of what I needed for the dress I was making. I was getting frustrated and was getting myself confused so I had asked my mom for help she explained how it works and also using the math in the measuring, for some reason my mind was just not figuring out what I needed in the material as far as figuring the size and measuring.

I was got a bit hostile and I remember saying Shit I hate this all of a sudden mom came up behind me lifted me up and gave a swift swat on my bottom and told me to watch my language.

I got mouthy I said to mom I hate this homework and I took the pattern and tore it up and threw it away. mom got mad at me for it and she dragged me over to the couch and she yanked my shorts and undies and put me over her knee and she spanked me hard and told me I needed to do something with my bad attitude and bad temper. mom scolded me for tearing the pattern that it was money down the drain.

My mom helped me up after the spanking and told me to get the pattern and bring it to her she was going to try and tape it back together and also told me I will do the home work. I told mom NO. mom again walked over to me shook her finger at me and at the same time swatted my bare already spanked bottom she told me if I said no just one more time I will have a spanking I won't forget.

I said the Shit word again and mom smacked my mouth and took me in the bath room and washed my mouth out.
Mom said If I here that word or any bad word come out of that mouth I will wash your mouth out but good and you won't be sitting. mom had them dark eyes I knew I better do what she said.

I was told to go to my room and to not come out till I was told to. I went to my room and dressed in loose shorts my bottom stung a bit still from mom spanking. after about and hour mom called me back out. mom had try to fix the pattern but no luck. I thought I got off but no my mom took out an old pattern she had I was to use that as my assignment.

Mom was right next to me just waiting to See if I would put up a fight about doing the home work. I did not say a word I just went to my room and grabbed my sewing stuff and material trying to put together. I was getting the work done, I was about to cut it out when mom said no I had something wrong in the cut out I had to figure out what.
I kept looking at it could not figure it out, so mom helped me. I had part of the material not in good on the pattern and I had to redo, re pin. I did the cut out then I had to set up the sewing machine and trying to thread a small eye needle is a task. I had kept trying to thread I said G Dam my mom scolded me told me to watch it I got ticked off and said so what if I get an F. I am so done with is. Mom said come here I started to plea and told mom I was just frustrated that's all Moms eye were dark and was getting upset with me she told me to come here now I went up to her she just scolded me again shaking her finger at me and said these words. I WILL NOT TELL YOU AGAIN ABOUT SWEARING, HAVING AN ATTITUDE. I GOT POUT-IE AND MY MOM SWATTED THE LEFT SIDE OF MY THIGHS. SHE SAID THAT JUST ONLY A WARNING.

My mom helped me with my assignment I was glad I was done.

After awhile later after I took my shower I went to my mom and told her I was sorry, I hugged her she returned the hug and told me everything is OK.

I got graded a B.
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