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Talking Stacy

WHAP..WHAP.WHAP...The cruel two tailed strap hissed down hard across Stacy's naked teenage buttocks.
"PLeaseeeeeeeeeeeee..d-d-daddy......aaaaeeerriieeooww" she screamed.
WHAP...WHAP...WHAP....was her answer as he took aim at the very center of her cheeks. The red bands of pain formed. So far 10 lashes had been delivered.
he was just getting started.
WHAP...WHAP...WHAP.....WHAP..WHAP....he took his time and laid into her. Top to base. The flesh getting redder. She dug her bare toes into the bed sheet.
She clawed at the thin air. She cried. Screamed. Pleaded as each lash cracked down like pistol shots. Daddy was very strict. Stacy was completely naked.
Daddy always made her undress completely for these special punishments.
He secured her face down to the bed, wrists and feet spread. Bottom up on w few pillows. In position for prolonged punishment.
WHAP...WHAP..WHAP....WHAP...WHAP....the wicked strap tails snapped down harder across the center of her bare cheeks.
WHAP..WHAP..WHAP...daddy was not through by a long shot. he liked the way the twin tails snapped across her globes.

Stacy just turned 18 and daddy had a special punishment in store for her this time. Such a pretty girl with such a meaty perfect bottom. Cute trim small bare feet. Nice breasts. She was in her senior year of high school.

WHAP...WHAP..WHAP..WHAP..WHAP..WHAP...WHAP..hard, blistering slow paced cracks...on and on and on it went.
Daddy took a rest after 50 cracks. Stacy promised to be good. But daddy was not finished.

WHAP...WHAP..WHAP...WHAP...WHAP...WHAP..WHAP...WHA P..WHAP...the strap sizzled down full force across the very base. Stacys tears soaked the bed sheet. She cried and screamed constantly. Daddy was determined to teach her a good lesson this time.
WHAP...WHAP...WHAP....WHAP...WHAP...WHAP...WHAP..h e worked on her thighs. Then the inner thighs. Then the inner cheeks. He stood directly behind her and snapped the two tails down 5 times between her buttocks. Then after 5 more across the cheeks, it was over. Daddy got undressed. He freed just her ankles and had her kneel up. She was 18 now, time to put it in her anus.

She begged him not to when she felt his cock press against her anus.
But secretly she wanted it. He slowly pushed the very tip in and she wailed.
Then...inch by inch he sunk into her teen bottom. She cried out, her eyes bulged out. Deeper and deeper he plowed. he looked down to see her cheeks spread wide. His cock was large. He rested half way in and then continued until he was buried to the hilt and then rested again. and and out...over and over he rode her bottom. He slammed into her well strapped cheeks. He pulled out and free her wrists and had her lay face up and bring her feet up alongside her head. He entered her anus again this time from the front. he rode her deep and hard. As he did he took each tasty foot up to his mouth and licked deep between her cute toes. he put them in his mouth and sucked on them. The she wrapped her feet round his waist and he finally came deep in her anus. He stayed in her until he went soft, then pulled out and had her lick him clean.

This special punishment was over. Little did daddy know that Stacy enjoyed it.

THis story was pure fiction. All characters of legal age.
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