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Old 07-28-2011, 08:02 PM
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My First real discipline spanking

I have loved being spanked for as long as I can remember. I have always enjoyed the feeling of a really hard paddling or caning. I have been lucky enough to have a couple of relationships where my sig other was willing to spank me. Also, aside from the erotic spankings I have also always wanted to receive a true discipline spanking. While both of my partners were willing to try this, because of my extreemly high tolerance no one has been able to reach that true level of discipline I craved, or thought I craved! That was until my last spanking.

Over the past two weeks we have been working on several behavior problems that have involved a hard paddling and caning nearly every day. We have a list of tasks to complete, cleaning the office, mowing, cleaning the garage, and paying the bills. Each Day that these were not completed I was to receive 100 swats with a bath brush and 50 from a delrin cane. Being my typically lazy self I took my time and as a result got a spanking 4 days in a row. by the 4th session i was difinitly bruised but not to the point where I was afraid of getting another set.

On day five I really fouled up. I was out running errands and tried to make a call and my service was cut off. I drove to s wifi hot spot so i could get online a pay from my I phone...hopefully before my wife found out! no such luck. As soon as I connected I saw I had an email from her that said "phones are cut off. You always wanted a real spanking now your gonna get one!" knowing I deserved it I replied and said "good, whatever you decide i accept, think harsh". So I left it at that and paid the bill, and went about my errands.

About 20 minutes later I got a text from her that said are you sure about wanting a real discipline spanking? I said yes. She replied, OK well here are my conditions, n arguing, negotiating, spanking will be split between Delrin cane and plastic brush (a mean heavy little plastic cleaning brush we got at lowes about the size of a long bath brush), I will be using ALL my strength, and anything but absolute compliance and total agreement will earn you agree? after reading this and becoming sexually excited I said yes, the more the better!

Then she sent the list of what I was getting... 1 swat for every dollar we owed ATT, 2 swats for every dollar in late fees, 10 swats if you move out of position, 50 if you argue, all on bare, bent over a chair back, and the next day you get 2 more swats for each dollar in late fees again. Not thinking she realized what our bill was I replied " But do you know how much our bill was??" she fired right back " thats +50, any more comments?" She then asked me to figure out what I was getting and be ready cause I was getting them as soon as I got home.

Well, with 2 iphones, a blackberry, a net card for a laptop and all the other services our bill is 236 per month and we were 2 months behind! So that alone was 472 swats, plus the late fee of 20 and reconnect fee of 39 added another 118 and then the 50 for mouthing off. The final grand total ended up being 640 Swats. Now that may sound high, but I have had up to 500 in the past and did ok, a bit sore the next couple days but like i said, I have a very high tolerance.

As promised, she started as soon as I got back, Starting with the 1st 10 I knew this was going to be different. I had never felt her swing soooo damn hard, I didnt know she could! She just said, "you asked for this! consider those your warm up." The next one was even harder and actually knocked me off balance to which she said "plus 10, now back in position. At this point I was worried, really worried! She continued in sets of 10 with brief pauses between sets. She didnt take a real break till she hit 200. At this point I was in more pain than I ever had been before. She came back about 10 minutes later and asked how I was, I told her it really hurt and I would try but not sure if I could hold still for the rest. All she said was, "thats gonna suck for you"

Around 500 she said my skin had broken some and I was bleeding a bit, but that she was committed to giving me what I asked for and continued full force. It took about an hour and a half to finish the 640 and it literally felt like their was a blow torch on my butt! After the last one she asked if I was ok, to which I said yes just glad it was over! She chuckled and said almost! I told her yea, that tomorrow is gonna suck even worse. She laughed again, and said well you moved 4 times, so actually we were not done today, but that I had an hour to recuop. And an hour later true to her word she delivered another 40 as hard as she could.

Many times in the past I have joked about having to sleep on my stomach, this time it was no joke!

The next day mu butt felt even worse, but she, true to her word delivered the remaining 118 with what seemed inhuman strength.

The Spanking was exactly what I had been craving for years! It was everything I imagined and one of the most cathartic experiences I have ever had. At the same time, it is not something I want to repeat anytime soon!! Whats more is that she really liked the resulting changes in my behavior, and told me that based on the results she would not hesitate to repeat the spanking in the future.

She even took a picture following the the spanking and has printed a copy that now sits by our box of bills to remind me!
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Old 08-11-2011, 06:31 AM
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Thumbs up Great Story

I just wanted to comment on what a great story that was. I wish it was me. Cheers!
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