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Old 05-08-2018, 10:56 AM
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Celebs,Fanfiction, and Spanking.

Some of the most interesting and enjoyable threads on various spanking forums in the past have been discussions on what celebrities(mainly but not exclusively female) people would like to spank or think needed spanking. Either for bad behavior, or simply because she had a gorgeous bottom. Back then it was Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears who were often in the news for getting in trouble or some sort of outrageous behavior,they fell in the first group. Then there were the gorgeous and prominent bottoms of such as Jennifer Lopez and Shakira that fed spanking fantasies.
Now how about today? Think many would agree that Miley Cyrus belongs at or near the top of the list for the frankly slutty disgusting antics of her performances. And right there with her, Lady Gaga. And of course Kim Kardashian , both for being such an annoying celebrity and for that magnificent bottom. Khloe and Kourtney too.
Speaking of magnificent bottoms, people familiar with Nicole'Coco' Austin, girlfriend of rapper Ice-T? If not Google Images you should check. out. That is one sultry blonde with a butt that is definitely paddle material!
Have mentioned that I write for LSF. However, they have a policy of no stories involving real people, so that rules out a lot of fanfiction. TV characters are okay, I have one there where Xena Warrior Princess gets spanked(F/F) . And I believe someone posted some Gilmore Girls stories.
i look for fanfiction with spanking at sites devoted to it, but really don't find much. So much fanfiction involves torture,rape, enslavement, and various degradations that I find repulsive. I don't think of spankers hating those they spank, unlike stuff in some fanfiction.
Speaking of spanked celeb fanfiction Michigan Headmaster has a piece in the Stories forum that features Paris.
Curious if others have. spankable celeb nominees or if there would be any interest in stories of. that nature. Was reading and looking at clips on YouTube. of Lady Gaga mooning her audience. Was just wondering if there might be a story there. Must say it is absolutely delightful picturing Lady Gaga getting a wooden paddle with holes applied vigorously to her bare bottom!
And then there is the topic of TV shows and movies where spankings would have been great, but will save that for another thread.
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