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Old 11-23-2015, 06:36 AM
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A Challenge From A Friend

So, another member and I were talking on Yahoo IM and I was simultaneously poking around MSF when I remembered one of the more recent posts I'd seen; (and by recent I mean the post was from April, but all responses to it were from just a couple of weeks ago.) The post was, “A Challenge!! by Batman. Why this came to mind, I don't know. I was looking through the responses and realized “I hadn't responded”! I was so shocked, and so surprised, I was sure I had posted a response! My very next thought was “Maybe I need a spanking for not posting a response when I was so sure I did!” I told him what happened, what I was thinking of posting, and that I was curious to see what kinds of responses I got. He thought I should do it, so here goes!

Thanks Malak! Challenge Accepted!
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Old 11-24-2015, 03:12 AM
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Glad to be of help. Maybe I should get first shot at giving you spanking.
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