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The Secret Room.

Do corporal punishments legally exist in any schools of Czech Republic or Russian Federation? Of course, not. It's a bullshit. I think they are banned throughout the entire Europe. But there are many cases when they are applied unofficially. This story is very typical.

So... Two girls have been called to the Headmistress’ office for a serious talk on their marks and behaviour. Their behaviour at the lessons is so bad that they will get a resulting "5" for their behavior as a year result. For the information: In Germany and in The Czech Republic “1” is the highest mark, and “5” is the lowest, in Russia – “1” is the worst mark, and “5” is the best. In case they get “5”, this will make it very hard for them to join the University. After some discussion the Headmistress proposes them to give old-fashioned canings instead of "5s" in their day-books. Thus their documents will be clean, but asses will suffer instead. Two girls approach the Headmistress’s office and knock at the door. They look worried. - Come in, please. - Good afternoon, Pani* Vojacekova. (*Pani = Mistress or Madam). - Ah, Anezka Ruzickova and Ivanna Zemanova? Good afternoon. And again late! Even to the Headmistress’s office. You are 10 minutes late. What’s the matter? - We… Mmmm… - Clear. You have nothing to say as usual. No excuse. Well, do you know why you are here? - We… We guess… - You guess? You don’t guess, but you BET, that with you current marks for you behaviour and for your studies you both will get resulting “5s” in your graduation certificate. A "5" for behavior for sure and "5s" for Mathematics and English. Do you know about it? - Pani Vojacekova, we kind of supposed that it might happen, but… - How many times were you warned to boost your diligence and improve behavior at the lessons? - Oh… Many times, Pani Vojacekova. - And what prevented you from improving? - We tried to, but it’s difficult to force oneself. We hate Maths and English, and hate these lessons. - I also hate many things, but I still have to do them. And I do them, because there’s such a thing as discipline of mind ad a power of the will. You lack these two qualities. - We understand, that we must do our best, but when we enter the class we just forget about it… - Well, this is exactly what I’m speaking about. Do you understand, that such marks in the certificates will make it impossible for you to join the University? - Yes, we understand. - Is it all right with you? - Of course not, we want to the University! - Taking in consideration, that you’ve been warned many times, and it didn’t help, I can propose you the only way to avoid the problem with joining the University… - Yes, Pani Vojacekova? - An alternative method of education. The old-fashioned method. Instead of ” 5s” in the day-books you’ll receive canings on your bare bottoms from me. No 5s, so the documents will stay clean, but your bottoms will suffer instead. And I’m sure that your marks will improve rapidly. - … Is it a joke? - Your situation is too serious for joking. Have you ever been spanked? - No. (Both reply). - Really? Even with a strap? - No, never. Our parents don’t punish us. - So, this is the result… Well, girls, my time is limited, so either you agree, and receive the first punishment for your latest “5s”, which aren’t yet put down in the day-books, right now, or keep on the same way, and forget about the University. - Oh, we even have no idea what it’s like to be caned. Perhaps it’s VERY painful… (Looking at each other terribly scared). - Of course, it’s stinging terribly. Each of you will receive forty cane strokes plus a penalty if you don’t keep still while the punishment, and then stay at the corner facing the wall for an hour, being bare. So, yes or no? - We couldn’t even imagine such a proposal, but we seem not to have another choice… - Absolutely no choice. - Then let it be caning, Pani Vojacekova… - A correct decision, Anezka and Ivanna. Let’s go, I’ll show you my secret room for such cases like yours. It’s in the basement. Nobody will hear your desperate cries and the sounds of the cane swishing through the air and lashing your flesh. They are going downstairs. - How do you like the place? The Headmistress takes the cane from the table. And how do you like the instrument? - V… Veeery scary indeed, Pani Vojacekova. - It should be. Anezka, you’ll be the first. Dress off and bend over that table. Your bottom must be right over the edge. She undresses, leaving only socks and shoes and assumes the position. - Ivanna, you stay aside and watch. You are the next as you may guess  - Keep your legs straight. If you move too much, I’ll penalize you with extra strokes. And count the strokes loudly and distinctively. - Understood? - Oh, yes.. Here the caning begins. - AAAaaaa… - What’ your impression? - I don’t know how I’ll take all forty! - Remember, if you move, it will be fifty. - Ohhhh… - Do you like it? - Terrible, it burns like hell!!! - How many times were you warned? A? - AAAAAAA…. - Yes, now you are crying, but could just a little bit overcome your laziness and naughtiness. - Ohhh… Maybe it’s enough? I’ll do anything not to get to this place again. - Learn your lesson. It’s only beginning. - Oh, it’s a real nightmare! It’s really enough! I’ve already understood everything! - I doubt. And stop kicking your legs. You’ll get 10 extra strokes as a penalty for it! - Please, no!!! - Yes. - A good compensation for your spanking-free years. - I’ll never behave like before!!! Oh… - I’m sure, you won’t. It’s the best way of education for you. The caning goes on, and Anezka lost her count at "37". She said “38” instead. Pani Vojachekova gave her one more vicious lash, and then gloatingly corrected her, ordering to return to 37. After Anezka counted 40, the strict Mistress reminded her about the penalty 10 strokes. So, the count started from 30 again with tears and pleading. At last she counts “forty” for the second time. - Now that’s all for this time. What will you say? - I… I’ll be a very diligent and industrious girl… Perhaps the best in the class. I don’t know how I managed to take this!!! - Now I start believing you. But I think Ivanna will be the best. Look at her – she’s hardly standing on her legs, all pale with fear. You go to the corner. On your knees and hands behind the head. Now! The girl obeys. - Ivanna, maybe you still prefer to continue receiving your “5s”? If I put all the “pending” “5s” down – the resulting 5 in maths, English and Behaviour are guaranteed. So? - I’m… Reeeaaaady… - Take off your clothes and take Anezka’s place, then. Ivanna slowly undresses, assumes the position. She’s VERY scared. - Let’s begin. And don’t forget to count. - Aaaa… Ohhhh… It’s worse than anything I could imagine!!! - Imagine how many strokes are ahead. - Ohh…. - I can’t take it, it’s impossible!!! - But you do take. So it’s possible. - Aaaaa… - And will take much more. - Oh, nooo…! - Too much squirming, my dear. Additional ten for you too. - How, how I’ll take that muuuuuch???? - The same way you got that many “5s”, Ivanna. - Ohhhh!!! - Stay still, else… - Aaaaa…. - What do you think about your behaviour and your attitude to studies now? - I was so foolish!!! - Foolish, lazy, ill-disciplined and weak-willed. - Yeeeeesss!!! - Of course. I’ll help you to correct this. - Ohhh!!! The caning continues. Pani Vojacekova lectures and hits, lectures and hits… - You’ll learn what the proper Behaviour and Discipline do mean. - Aaaa… - Count accurately. - Oh, yes! - Keep your legs wide spread and don’t even thing about moving them. You’ve already earned additional ten. - Yes, Pani Vojacekova! The girl cries bitterly and asks for mercy. - Maybe it’s enough??? Please, forgive me, I can’t imagine how I’ll take a stroke more… - Here it is. Now you CAN imagine? - Aaaa…. It’s impossible! So painful!!! - Yes, and there will be a lot more. I like how your bottom looks like now. But I’ll draw many more stripes on it. For you own good. - Ohhhh… Poor Ivanna constantly cries as the pain is intolerable and the suffering seems to last forever. She begs The Headmistress to forgive her. But it doesn’t help. - Pani Vojacekova, enough, I can't ... Oh… Forgive me, please… - Sure I’ll forgive you, Ivanna... When you count fourty. Oh, sorry, and after you get your “bonus” of 10. - Ohhh… Please… - Every time when you think about avoiding your studies or doing anything wrong during the lessons, you’ll remember this moment. Will you? - Yeees, sure… Finally she counts “forty”, having like Anezka restarted from 30 to receive her additional 10 strokes. - So, who will be the best pupil in the class now? - Me!!! (Ivanna cries out) - And I think, me. (Anezka shouts from the corner.) - Join you friend in the corner, now, and there you can discuss who’ll be the best. But don’t even think about standing up from your knees or moving your hands from behind your heads. I’ll be here and will watch. Pani Vojacekova sits down and starts reading someone's exercise-book. The cane lies on her table. Anezka still ignores the Teacher’s warning. The girls start to discuss (in the corner) how the punishment was painful and humiliating, and appeared to be worse than any their expectations. They start arguing, whose fault it had been that they got into this nightmare, and Anezka dares to push her neighbor. The Headmistress really turns nasty now. After a good lecture Anezka gets 10 SAVAGE cane strokes more. She tearfully apologizes, and again is sent to the corner. Mistress Vojacekova calmfully resumes her reading.

If you want to see this story in action now, it has been put on video, and here it is:

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As far as I see, my story produces some interest. Thank you so much. I'd like to say a few words about it.
It's my screenplay for a custom video I ordered in one Czech studio. Based on a real life story. I was very much satisfied with the movie they filmed. They say it reminds early Rigid East/Lupus. The blond actress is involved in the latest Lupus production too. Of course, all the caning in the movie is real and hard.
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