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Old 11-17-2010, 12:03 PM
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Spanked by my Aunt.

I had an Aunt Connie. I use to stay with My Aunt during my moms work days.
My aunt was just as strict as my mom. my mom has 3 sisters and all are very st-ricked.
I can remember I was just beginning to start school
the First grade. I was 6 yrs old and I had been told by my Aunt Connie I was not to take a ride to school or to home I am to walk.
Well on this certain day I had made a new friend, she was on her bike and she had asked me if I wanted a ride home,
I of coarse said yes and she gave me a ride home. My cousins told me I was going to be in trouble,
I said why they said I was not to get a ride home I said it was not by a car.
well that night after dinner my aunt Connie asked me to go to my room I did and my aunt Connie came in with a paddle.
first she asked me why I disobeyed her. I told her I was sorry but I told her I thought I was not to go in a car and I did not go in a car.
It was my friend on her bike.
My aunt Connie realized she did not make herself clear. I escaped getting a spanking. She made sure I understood this time.
Well I went to school and for about a week and I walked home.
My friend came by again and asked if I like a ride home,I told her I can't I would get in trouble if my Aunt finds out.
My friend said she would stop a couple houses before my aunts and no one would know.
I did take the ride home and my friend did drop me off at the corner of my street but my cousin Tim saw me getting off the back of the bike.
He told my Aunt and again my Aunt Connie asked me to go to my room.
My aunt came in and this time I knew I was in for it.
She asked me if I got the ride home I told her a fib and that made it worse. so she asked Tim to come in and tell what he saw.
My cousin left and Aunt Connie shut the door and took me and made me stand in front of her.
She was removing my dress and panties I had a grip of my waist band trying to protect my bottom of being spanked.
My Aunt Started to smack the sides of my legs and thigh till I lost the grip.
She then placed me over her knee and whacked me with her hands then with a wooden brush.
I kicked and screamed and bawled for her to stop, I begged to stop. The spankings just kept coming.I thought the spanking would never end.
finally She made me look in the mirror at my red sore bottom and told me if I ever lied to her or disobey again my bottom will be blistered
by a leather strap she uses on her kids.
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