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Talking Sisters

Stacy and Jenny were sisters. Stacy is two years younger than Jenny. They are both cute girls, petite and pretty. It was saturday night after supper. The girls uncle and aunt sat on the sofa along with some of their parents friends.

Stacy and Jenny sobbed. They hated these saturday nights. Their strict father held the wicked cane in his hand. He gave it a few test swings making the girls cringe. The girls visibly trembled. They were both completely naked. Two piles of clothing on two chairs.

"Stacy will go first this time....come along...bend right over...hold your ankles..push your bottom out...eyes on your toes" he ordered. The sobbing naked girl assumed the position. These were called "maintenance" punishments. he firmly pressed the cane across the center of his daughters small ass. he drew it well back...everyone watched as it hissed down hard, dead center leaving a vivid red stripe. Stacy screamed as usual. Jenny trembled more. Dad laid the next and the next cuts higher up and then two more across the very base and another back across the center. Six neat stripes adorned her ass cheeks. The tears poured down.

"Stand up...change places" he ordered. Stacy cried, she knew it was far from being over. Jenny bent over. The next round began a bit harder since she was older. Still she screamed just as long and loud as her sister. Daddy laid into her ass cheeks with hard vicious cuts, top to base....6 cuts.

"Stand up...change places....go on" he warned.

Stacy prepared herself for the next 6 which would be more painful on top of the last 6. Dad laid into her with hard cruel cuts again top to base and then one to each thigh. Now 12 cuts had fallen.

"Up....up you go....bend over Jenny"

And so it went. The sisters took turns. Everyone watched and heard the constant pitiful cries, pleas and screams. Dad just continued.

By the time each girl had received some 24 cuts each, they were just moaning in pain. For the last 6 cts he made them kneel on the floor...heads down..side by side...legs well apart. he stood directly over them and again took turns, this time vertically down their tender cheeks...two to each inner cheek and one hard one on their anuses.

IT was finally over. The guests wee allowed to inspect the girls bottoms.

They made comments and the uncle felt the girls needed more. But their dad disagreed. It would then be over until next saturday for the sisters.
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