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Creative Spankings presents...

I can't resist but share the creative ways and implements I would find around the house and how I used them. Wooden pallets, rulers, spoons, and several others tended to be the starting point.. I would find a time and place that seemed about right and I would put these spanking designs to the test! As painful as most of them were; like anything i have favorites. I present my top 5 homemade spanking implements.

The Belt

A classic and extremely painful method familiar with a strapping. The belt spanking cane cause bruising and welts if spanker is untrained or applies unnecessary force. The belt is a great way to get right to the point with the mental side of the punishment. It will leave the Spankee a clear message due to the durability of the markings not to mention the pain of sitting down on a freshly belted bottom...

Metal Ruler

The metal ruler is known to be a very painful implement. Although its counterpart the "Wooden ruler" applies a lighter spanking the metal ruler can spark just about anyone's fire. With control, speed, and duration this spanking can leave even the toughest resistance begging for the end.

Spatula and/or Wooden Spoon

The Spatcula is more of a Fantasy spanking implement in my opinion than for punishment. It would suit well to the self-spankos as would the Wooden spoon reason being they both apply sharp, easy, and quality swats to the bare bottom very efficiently.

Using the Sandle

Some of the earliest spanking memories of mine are in part with the dreaded sandal over mom's knee. Whether she her leather or wooden bottom sandals the pain would simply overwhelm me with each swat. The sandle is an extremely quiet and secretive way to spank because it does not make to much noise. Highly Recommended!

Hand Spanking

As discussed on this site even more than any the hard palm spankings are always going to send a strong and vibrant message across! With the embarrassment of each slap of the hand to the fanny to the pain of the accuracy of a real otk bare bottom spanking. Remember SPANKERS: Make sure to lower the panties and apply additional swats to the lower part of the bottom known as the "Sore Spot" the effectively make the spanking harder and the sitting unbearable. Spank on!
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