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Some thoughts re Kim Kardashian

Since I am one who was suggesting more people need to post and hopefully start some discussions on the board, here goes.
Listening to Prairie Home Companion the other night and someone sang a version of "Anything Goes" with some updated lyrics.
One had the words " Kim Kardashian's rear end." So thought occurred what a scene, what a delight, imagining it getting a Spencer or gridhole type paddle applied to it hard,either all bare or with a minimum of covering. Its a luscious bottom,very spankable looking,and besides KimK deserves a spanking for being another of those famous for being famous types. Her sisters Kourtney and Khloe too.
And how great to imagine her afterwards,either standing,her red scorched seat on display, or easing it down onto a stack of pillows!
She is probably at or near the top of celebs most looking like they need a spanking. People may suggest others. Certainly Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus.And I would add Taylor Swift. She does have that goody-goody image but she seems a bit full of herself,and seems I read something awhile back about her crashing some party. And saw a picture of her in a bikini that exposed an amount of fanny cheek that could have used a good "tanning"-the kind that would have left her not wanting to show off her bottom for awhile! And do her sitting on a soft cushion,

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