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MarvinUK 01-14-2009 11:07 AM

Aunt spanks her 22 year old wet T-shirted niece in front of the neighbour
“Ok babe, love you too. See you in half an hour”, cooed Megan.

As she snapped her mobile phone shut. And then hurrying briskly towards her aunt’s pristine yellow sports car, her high heels crunching on the gravel drive, she addressed her younger cousin Sophie and her gormless boyfriend Billy.

“Haven’t you two finished this yet”, she said, “I’m supposed to be meeting my fiancé in half an hour to choose an engagement ring”

Supposedly washing the car for $20 which she promised them, instead they were larking about splashing each other and throwing the sponge around. And just as Megan drew level with the car, her cousin aimed the hose at her boyfriend who ducked down. As a result, Megan took the full force of the water.

“You cow Sophie” screeched Megan, “I’ll get you back, take that” and with that she emptied a bucket of water over her cousin.

“My God, look what you’ve done”, stormed Megan. Her long chestnut brown hair, for which she’d paid a fortune to have styled, was plastered to her face. Her white flimsy, chemise top was soaked and was clinging to her like a second skin. She had no bra on so her nipples were peeking through like walnuts. And her ultra short blue denim skirt too was soaked. And then seeing old Sam Woodrow, the next-door neighbour peering over the fence,

“Getting a good view, you old pervert” she snapped.

“Who me, not at all? Just pruning me ol rose-bushes”, he replied.

He’d seen Sophie growing up. And of course Megan who, when she was at school, would often spend the holidays there. The older one, the mouthy one, he reckoned must be about 22 now. Only occasionally, since she’d been working, would she stay. But the mouth on her!! On more than one occasion he thought what she needed was a good spanking. That was the trouble these days, no discipline. His daydreams were interrupted by the aunt.

Suddenly, the front door had opened.

“What’s going on out here??” screamed Aunt Theresa.

Of course each blamed the other. Then they started pulling each others hair to the amusement of Billy, who despite the fact Megan was four years older than him, quite fancied her. Obscenities were exchanged.

“When you’ve quite finished girls” said Aunt Theresa.

Suddenly a voice from over the fence came, “Well I’ve seen what these girls get up to and I think what they need is…”

“Thankyou Mr Woodrow. I’m quite capable of dealing with my daughter and niece. And if you don’t believe me, follow us inside”, Aunt Theresa snarled.

Taking hold of each girl’s ear, which led to more obscenities from Megan, she led them both inside the house, followed by Billy and Sam Woodrow. The latter quite breathless, despite the aid of his old walking stick.

“Let me go Aunt Teresa”, snapped Megan, as almost forced over double, she was led by her ear to the sofa before being deposited unceremoniously onto it. While Sophie was led to another chair.

“What on earth were you doing? And look how you’re dressed Megan. I’m surprised we don’t have the whole school around here. That skirt is far too short”. And as for being rude to poor Mr Woodrow”

Then leaning forward on the edge of the sofa ready to get up, Megan replied “Look, I really don’t have time for this nonsense. I’m supposed to be meeting Ken, my fiancé, in” and she glanced at her watch, “in 20 minutes and I’ve got to get changed thanks to that idiot daughter of yours”. And glared across at Sophie.

Her aunt ignored the last remark continued, “I am very disappointed in you Megan especially as you’re the oldest. How old are you now?"

“22, but what the ??? has that got to do with it!!”, came the insolent reply.

“Exactly, and when I told your mum, my sister, that you could stay with us a while I didn’t expect this. I’ve bent over backwards, not charged you rent so you can save up for your wedding. And this is the thanks I get”

"OK, OK, but that cow deserved it", Megan snottily replied, seemingly ignoring the fact her aunt was getting more irate. She was also unaware due to the angle she was perched on the sofa, and her short skirt, that Mr Woodrow was getting a “birds-eye” view of her ice-blue lacy panties. This was an opportunity he hadn’t foreseen that morning.

"You’ve both acted very irresponsibly", Aunt Teresa said,. "Especially you Megan. And Mr Woodrow tells me that only last week when I was away that you brought alcohol in for you and Sophie. You are aware she’s under age. Isn’t that right Mr Woodrow?”

“Well only doing my neighbourly duty”, said Mr Woodrow, wringing his hands.

“I’ll bet”, replied Megan.

Anyway, you are a young woman now, not a little girl who can't behave herself or dress herself. I expect you to keep your promises. Since you are acting so irresponsibly, I am going to have to stop you using my sports car for the next week. Consider yourself grounded"

"Are you ???? mad, you can’t tell me what I can or can’t do, what I can’t wear or to mind my manners with this stupid oik", Megan wailed. "I’m meeting my fiancé in less than half an hour, I have to change thanks to that dopy daughter of yours. And you can take that smirk off your faces". Looking both at Mr Woodrow and Billy.

"You should have thought of that earlier and kept your promise, young lady."

"You can't do this to me!", Megan cried, stamping her foot and sticking out her lower lip. "I’ve arranged to meet Ken in town. And I’ll change into my new red lycra dress. I just have to go!" Megan stamped her foot again. It was one stamp too many.

"I though that it might come to this. You are acting like a spoiled brat and I will not put up with it" her Aunt told her.

Megan's Aunt suddenly and without warning grabbed the girl by the wrist and pulled her over to her couch. She sat down, pulling Megan across her lap.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing let me go”. Said Megan, shocked at this sudden change of affairs. She’d not expected this. And Mr Woodrow was certainly pleased he’d followed them in.

She kicked and struggled, but her Aunt held her firmly, pinning her right arm behind her back.

"Since you are acting like a naughty brat, Megan, so you are going to get treated like one".

“Stop it, no you can’t do this. I won't allow it”. But both Sophie and Mr Woodrow grinned as if to say, “But she’s doing it”

Realising that struggling was futile and her arm felt like it was going to break, she just slumped back down. Her denim mini-skirt barely reaching the top of her thighs. And so tight around her curvy bum, that surely the fasteners down the front would “pop” open.

SMACK SMACK SMACK on her denim covered rear brought out a sharp “oh, no. ouch”

This was too much. She was actually being spanked across her aunt’s knee. But not only was she being spanked at the age of 22, it was also in front of her younger cousin, her boyfriend and Mr Woodrow.
Wriggling and struggling, she screamed, “Let me go, Let me go”

Ignoring her pleas, Aunt Teresa continued spanking first on one cheek then the other and then on her exposed thighs.

“You bitch, let me up. I’m too old for this”, Megan howled.

“Now Megan, you have been a very naughty girl, for many years, haven't you?"

"What if I have. I’m 22, I can do what I like”

Which probably wasn’t the smartest thing to say at this moment in time. Aunt Theresa swiftly pulled Megan's denim skirt up to reveal her brief ice-blue with black dot patterned silk panties with which were stretched tightly across her rounded and firm bottom.

Suddenly aware of Mr Woodrow, who seemed to be swallowing fast, she called out, “Seen enough you old perv”

Then Megan felt her panties being pulled down she renewed her struggles. It was just too humiliating. She was far too old for a bare bottom spanking. And in front of her younger cousin, not to mention her boyfriend, and that horrible neighbour.

Megan felt the sting of her Aunt's palm as it landed against the bare right cheek of her bottom. Her Aunt alternated cheeks, angrily spanking Megan, hard and fast. The slaps rang out in the closed room, along with Megan's cries. Each smack landing with a distinct “splat”. Finally the stinging slaps stopped raining down. For a moment Megan thought that her Aunt would let her up. Then she felt her Aunt reach over to the coffee table and pick up a paddle. This was something she’d used previously on Sophie, so Billy’s face perked up. Maybe he was going to see Sophie get a spanking. She was a bit of a tease, not letting him go beyond a quick kiss and cuddle.

"No, no, please Aunty, I'll be good!", Megan said, squirming and pressing her thighs together. "Please don't spank me with the paddle"

"You should have thought about being good earlier, young lady. You deserve a long, hard, spanking and that is what you are going to get. Don’t you agree Mr Woodrow", her Aunt replied.

Mr Woodrow opened and closed his mouth like a goldfish but nothing came out. Both he and Billy were transfixed by the sight in front of them. Megan started crying again as she felt the paddle come down sharply across her bottom. She cried, she kicked, she protested to no avail. When her Aunt finally stopped spanking her with the paddle, Megan lay across her lap, breathlessly sobbing like a little girl. Her aunt let go of her right arm and gave her a slap on her bottom. "Up you go, young lady."

Still crying, Megan stood up. Her blue panties lay at her feet, kicked off during the spanking. Suddenly aware that the two men could see her bush, she quickly put her panties on. While struggling to cover her melon-like breasts which were standing out proud and true.

“Now ring your fiancé and tell him you’ve been grounded and you will not see him till the weekend”, her aunt commanded, “then you’ll stand and face the wall until I say you can leave. Is that clear?”

“Yes”, came the muffled reply”

Too sore to care.

sluggo 01-15-2009 11:14 PM

Aunt spanks her 22 yo
wonderfully descriptive story. I could almost imagine it happening in front of me. I'd pay to watch that spanking...

Sluggo male

MarvinUK 01-16-2009 10:13 AM

Glad you like it.

What would you like to read next:

a. The woman in tight jeans and boots who goes around to her elderly neighbours to complain about their noisy grand-children and ends up getting spanked.

b. The PE teacher in short netball skirt and wearing distinctly non-regulation panties spanked by the Head.

c. Sexy girl punished by her mother-in-law for two-timing her husband

d. Gangster's 38 year old wife goes to visit her dad after an absence of 2 years. Get's long overdue spanking.

e. While her husband is in prison Sally moves in with her in-laws. Father-in-law catches her "playing the field" and she gets a severe lesson.

sluggo 01-17-2009 08:27 PM

Aunt spanks 22yo
:rolleyes:c and e, please.
how about naughty sister spanked by older brother,
or naughty boy spanked by sexy aunt or babysitter?

alexskanda 05-09-2011 01:22 PM

Great story. Personally, out of the choices you offer, I'd like to read about a. The woman in tight jeans and boots who goes around to her elderly neighbours to complain about their noisy grand-children and ends up getting spanked next. Sounds very interesting.

DaveW 05-14-2011 10:57 AM

Great story. Megan came across as very real and the description of the spanking was so vivid I could picture it in my mind as I read it.

As for what story I'd like to read next, a does sound very interesting.

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