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Outlaw 08-06-2020 02:39 AM

Too Many Demerits

Ridel Reform School keeps many young ladies from going to prison and they take this mission to reform wayward woman and girls very seriously. The school has a very strict policy of corporal punishment. After 10 Demerits a young lady must report to the punishment room for correction. Alasandra is a very naughty young lady. She picks up 10 demerits late at night, so she knows she is going to be punished in the morning. This sends her on a late night crime spree, she figures she is going to be punished anyway so "what the fuck" (her words). The principle is not amuse when he arrives and finds Alasandra has racked up 42 demerits. No girl in the 104 year history of the school has ever gotten that many. She is in for a sever punishment. The Principle brings out the paddle and strap and wears her little ass out but that is not the end of it. He decides to give her anal discipline as well. Forced to play with herself as the fuck machine tears up her tiny asshole she cries and screams to no avail. Poor little Alasandra, this isn't ending well for her.

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